Trisha and Thara’s new single “Out of the Dark”

Trisha and Thara are back. The world is a scary dark place, and even if the problem that’s putting out the sun is small by itself, its shadow can really make it seem huge. So when your mind intends to walk down a one-way street, there is nothing better than the caressing hand of a loving person. The person can clear up the skies of worrisome clouds, shed light into the dark-colored troubles, and help you get through thick and thin. For Trisha and Thara, that person is their mother, and to express their boundless appreciation and love for her, the sisters have written a song.


Titled “Out of the Dark”, the song is a ballad filled with love and gratitude. Beginning gently with warm piano chords, the first words “I don’t know where I would be without you” are given space to really emphasize the importance of the roles the sister’s mom plays in their lives. From then on, the song gains momentum, as the sisterly duet ensues to celebrate their beloved mother – empowering energy of marching percussion joins along with more orchestral elements, as the song soars higher into the skies.

This emotional journey of a single is the latest coming from the powerful pop duo Trisha & Thara. The sisters have been making music since grade school, as well as performing at a variety of festivals and shows. Having achieved this much whilst still in their teens, it’s clear that Trisha & Thara are up to some big things in the future.

As of when the single will be released – Trisha’s and Thara’s mom is aware of the big gift coming on her way, as she said this:

Trisha and Thara "Out Of The Dark"

“I am speechless and humbled that Trisha & Thara wrote an original for me and also chose to release the track on my birthday, March 10th!”

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