Bad Ass Beauty – “4 Horsemen”

LaQuinta Prince, known as Bad Ass Beauty, is an amazing and phenomenal vocalist and artist based in Los Angeles. Her sophomore single release “4 Horsemen” is the alternative hard rock title track from her upcoming debut album. The album is based on her rock opera of the same name which was released to critical acclaim and was accepted into the 2018 New York Musical Festival. LaQuinta is an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and her music is heavily influenced by a wide sweep of artists ranging from Led Zeppelin to Beyonce.

“Writing and recording this song was a completely cathartic experience as it was the 1st time i was actually able to admit it out loud and acknowledge this was how I choose to handle trauma, and stop pretending i’m ok with everything totally under control. It’s been a deeply spiritual and transformative experience!!”

Bad Ass Bauty

Bad Ass Beauty 4
“So it’s my 2nd single release! This one is chaotic AF. It’s supposed to be…”

The song 4 Horsemen is a perfect example of how LaQuinta combines hard rock, R&B, and soul to create something truly unique. The song features heavy drums and muted guitar riffs for the verses, combined with full distorted power chords for the chorus. LaQuinta’s powerhouse vocals are a treat to listen to, and the stunning heavy guitar work on the song creates a chaotic but catchy order and hooks. Bad Ass Beauty brings her R&B vocalist chops to the heavy rock which is a delight to savor. As any good rock music fan knows great pop, R&B, and soul vocalists make for phenomenal rock singers.

Bad Ass Beauty AirBrush
“Putting it bluntly I disassociate to deal with this crazy fucking life! This is a song introducing these 4 different personalities to the world.” 

“4 Horsemen” is an incredible song that perfectly showcases the incredible talent of Bad Ass Beauty. With her combination of hard rock, R&B, and Soul, she has created a song that is sure to be remembered for years to come. If you’re looking for something different and exciting, then 4 Horsemen is a must-listen.

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