Hi, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!



GIACK BAZZ “Just a Little Bit More Famous”. Released March 25th.

Bedroom Indie pop conjured in London, this long-anticipated sequel to “Giack Bazz Is Not Famous” released back in 2018, he just released a brand-new album titled “Just a Little Bit More Famous” that t is the second installment of a tetralogy, even though it’s new was recorded in 2021 and is important for you to know that he has been working on the third part lately, so we should have it ready in the near future.


Inspired by Elliott Smith, Kevin Morby, Paul McCartney, and Bright Eyes; It sounds as familiar as it is raw and unabridged. It was produced at Rex Studios, Tea Butler Studio, Bombanella Soundscapes, and Agro Beat.

PAPPELALLEE “The Abyss”. Released March 10th.

Nikolaus Werther from Cologne, Germany is the brainchild and the producer under the professional stage name of Pappelallee. A bringer of exhilaration and electricity under the disguise of minimal techno mixed and mastered sound, Pappelallee evokes pure magic just with a touch of his gifted hands. He brings rhapsody and fantasy as he displays dynamic creativity and inventiveness that is driven by his unquenchable passion for both music and technology!

My style is just to let the groove flow and add harmonical melodies and elements. The listener can expect mostly deep minimal techno in a very unique style. I don’t try to sound like anyone else. My tracks have a very special footprint that let the audience directly now, this track was made on Pappelallee (poplar alley), the street I live


ESTELLE MEY “Snake (Rejection)” Released March 10th.

Choke with rage and spit it out! Over a storm of blistering baritone guitar and a no holds barred barrage of drumming, Estelle Mey chimes brutal rhymes with her strong gritty voice.

Following on her social media immediately it’s a great idea and also, I have great news for y’all, she planned to release a brand new track in April, titled “Late” so stay tuned.

“In this fast burst of energy, a New Punk sound splashes some fresh vibes as well as showing some Thrash metal, Hardcore punk, and Alternative influences

The Pink Nostalgia “Space & Time” Released March 23rd

Joseph James a.k.a. The Pink Nostalgia proves himself to be a bastion of creativity, combining his passion for film as well as music, as evidenced by the expertly directed music video for his recent single “Flowers” back in 2022, whose colourscapes, lighting and camera work immerses you into the brilliant and vibrant world of The Pink Nostalgia. Keep on eye/ear on this artist as a rising new talent in the indie-pop landscape.

” ‘Space & Time’ is pure indie-pop. It’s a catchy and reflective song – it’s like a snapshot of where I am right now and where I am headed in the future. It’s a celebration of loving who you have become. “

The Pink Nostalgia

LOS SINDES “MEDIOS MODERNOS”. Released March 08th.

Closing this round-up we have “Los Sindes” a band that has been previously covered on the blog, with their debut single “Playa C” their debut single back in August 2022.

“This song is like a moment to pay attention, you realize that it is being part of the 21st century and as technology is like an extension of your body. We are inseparable. Continuous evolution.”

“A lullaby for the modern person”

Los Sindes

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