Los Sindes great debut single “Playa C”

Today’s featured single is an addictive track coming from Sacramento-based band Los Sindes! Groovy and psychedelic, “Playa C” is a post-punk song with a touch of Latin rock that gives the band a unique sound that will surely become the next big thing! OUT NOW!

Los Sindes is a project that was born as a love letter to Latino immigrants in the USA, as well as those in their home countries. While based in Sacramento, every member of the band comes from a different part of Latin America: Sito (guitar/ vocals) emigrated from Peru during the 2010s, Manu (drums/vocals) arrived from El Salvador during the 2000s and Rodri (bass/vocals) is a first generation Nicaraguan and Puerto Rican. Their aim is simple, honor their home countries by creating a sweet, nostalgic sound that is enjoyable by everyone everywhere, while capturing the sound of their influences in the Northern Hemisphere (The Police) with that of the Southern one (Soda Stereo).

Well, we had written this song in 2018 before our hiatus. In 2022, we decided to include the bassist (Rodri) and re-write the song with new instrumental parts and lyrics. The vocal melody was composed among all of us in 20 minutes, and the lyrics were written alongside it. The theme suddenly sprung to our minds about melancholic story but continuing with life alongside friends and love ones. And we added a dancey touch so you can dance while listening to it. And so we are very happy with the final product. –Manu Rivera from Los Sindes

“Playa C” immediately makes us remember memories we shared with those close to us. Due to the twangy guitar and its beat reminiscent of 80’s Latin American rock (especially Soda Stereo and Caifanes). As the trio sings of the beach, we feel the need to move our bodies to the rhythm. But there is something more to the single. It may be upbeat in its own way, but Los Sindes injects it with a melancholic touch based on the harmonic progression, the musical effects, and the instrumentation. The result is an emotional one that amplifies our feelings of nostalgia, the bygone days when we were happy; memories we cherish in the deepest depths of our souls.

Los Sindes are able to create a nostalgic sound that is able to resonate not only with their Latino target audience but with everyone! It will release on August 31, so make sure to PRESS PLAY NOW!

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