New Prog Rock Delight: “Doubt” by Barnum’s Freak – A Tasty Blend of Innovation and Emotion

Barnum’s Freak, a progressive rock band hailing from Italy, has crafted a mesmerizing musical journey with their track “Doubt“. Drawing influences from legendary bands like Marillion, Rush, Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Camel, and King Crimson, Barnum’s Freak delivers a unique and captivating listening experience.


The instrumental progressive rock band is from Italy which used to be a hub of Progressive Rock in the genre’s heyday when bands like Jumbo among others made a mark in history. Barnum’s Freak was formed in Naples in 2012 by Massimiliano Romano (guitars), Sergio Vassetti (keyboards), and Salvatore Oroso (drums).

The band explores themes of otherness, the transformation of strange bodies into “monsters” in the context of the freak show, and how society views and treats those who are considered different or deviant, satisfying a deep-seated desire for normality and conformity.

The song starts with the soothing sound of rain, setting the mood for what’s to come. The clean guitar rhythm with a riff on top and synth sax licks create a tasty beginning that instantly grabs your attention. The piano lines, rounded bass lines, and well-enunciated drums start to take shape, building a mysterious and intriguing vibe that is characteristic of progressive rock.

As the song progresses, the middle section showcases the band’s virtuosity with incredible polyrhythms harmonized among synths, guitars, and bass. The innovative use of time signatures, abrupt chord changes, and solo instrumental sections challenge your expectations and keep you hooked. The musicianship is top-notch, with each member displaying their skill and expertise. Barnum’s Freak’s “Doubt” is a true gem for progressive rock enthusiasts, with its blend of innovative musicianship, intriguing melodies, and emotional depth.

Barnum's Freak press pick

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