Fish And Scale ask us to Stay around and live in the moment in bright new single “Stay!”

Fish And Scale, the emotionally super-charged and soulful folk artist, is ready to share his brand new song titled “Stay!”. Inspired by how people seem to lose contact with the moment so easily, the German-based singer-songwriter asks the listeners to stop running, put away the mask of ideas about who they’re trying to be, and feel the moment. Enlightenment is here, as he announces in the single. But where are you?

“Stay!” hits with a deeply therapeutic core embedded in beautiful and rather unique folk instrumentation and slightly hoarse vocals that seem to take shape of the feelings the artist is singing about. It’s like a heart-to-heart interaction with a friend, who wants to bring out the true you, and who wants to show there is so much more to life than the constant running to achieve something more. Fish And Scales wants to show that the fulfillment we’re seeking is much closer than we think it is, and it is in the Now.

Fish and Scale "CoverStary_klein

Tender and soft, and also intense and impactful, “Stay!” is a poetic folk song with uplifting qualities, the kind that urges people to stop, rethink and see things in a different light. Shimmering guitar chords ebb and flow, the atmosphere he builds feels intimate like an evening spent out camping with a friend, and the energy soon pulls you up and off the ground to soar high in an ecstatic exclamation of feeling truly alive.


The song is also not following a too linear path – there are lots of lovely moments included in the path, such as the quiet plea to stay and sit down next to him, as well as the little pondering afterthought at the end of the song.

“There’s a problem with enlightenment, cause enlightenment is always here…
I’m …somewhere else.”

“Stay!” was released on April 7th – listen to it today on your favorite platforms!


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