Juliet Callahan connects to the higher self in inspiring new single “Depth of Soul”

Let go of all that holds you back and tap into the true version of yourself. The LA-based singer-songwriter Juliet Callahan has just released a powerful new single that is influenced by her journey as a creative person thus far, and what she as an artist wishes to achieve the most. Aptly titled “Depth of Soul”, the single is a window into the depths of Callahan’s soul, a personal manifestation of who she really is.

The Manifestation opens up as a stunning cinematic pop song with atmospheric depth that supports what the lyrics are about, Juliet Callahan’s vocals are equally incredible with silky smooth quality, giving the lyrics carrying the personal message of growth and self-finding a beautiful voice to be heard. As a whole, the single gains a rather transfixing form – an emotionally elevated proclamation of finding your true self and living out what you feel you’re here for.

Juliet Callahan "Depth of Soul"

For Juliet Callahan, her dream as a musician is to connect with listeners through her art, and this single is here to inspire people to find their truest selves, and to pursue their dreams. In addition to the heartfelt message, Callahan’s music is a real pleasure to listen to. “Depth of Soul” sounds exactly like a dive into the depths of a soul, and it’s the sort of journey that would end up with you having a new outlook on your life onwards.

“I believe following your dream is worth a shot instead of living life with the regret of not trying.”

Juliet Callahan

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