SERENA Gorgeous New Single “Lipstick On a Glass”

The lovely SERENA is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer currently based in London. She’s releasing now her latest track, “Lipstick On a Glass”, and it sounds like nothing she’s ever done before. SERENA’s been releasing singles and EPs since 2017, and exploring her sounds and atmospheres in the most interesting ways, and she’s outdone herself this time.



According to SERENA herself, “Lipstick On a Glass” features ‘some Bjรถrk arrangements, Massive Attack beats, and a sprinkle of Gwen Stefani vocals’ – and there really isn’t any other way to describe it. On her past singles, she’s made use of very unique sounds that resulted in great tracks – but this one is absolutely gorgeous.

Serena press photo 4 "Lipstick On A Glass"

SERENA grew up in Italy and spent some time in the United States before settling in England to master her craft. She attended the British Institute for Modern Music in London and was inspired by the city’s music scene and its plurality to produce her own songs. She makes a very pop-oriented synth-heavy sound, that seems to spread its wings over everything, and it’s so good.

“Lipstick On a Glass” is a fully formed sound, filled to the brim with things happening on top of other things. There are so many layers on this, and yet everything works so beautifully. The ‘Massive Attack beats’ complement her style so well, it’s like she’s been heading towards this sound ever since she started and she’s finally there. “Lipstick On a Glass” is a flawless alternative pop song, that plays along with different elements to make it and keep it interesting – but, at its heart, is a simple enough fearless pop structure. Absolute perfection.



Serena artwork "Lipstick On A Glass"


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โ™ฌ original sound – Jpgchief

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