Sano Hill releases new inspiring song “Time Out”

The Irish musician Sano Hill is back and just about to release a brand new single titled “Time Out”. This time he’s inviting the listeners to the life of a musician out in the world trying to make things work and dreaming about finding success as an artist. What this particular person has loads of, is hope and faith for a better tomorrow, and that gives the song’s tone a pleasant, highly inspiring warmth.



Set in the streets of Galway, Sano Hill’s home city, the breezy and light single paints vivid imagery of the surroundings where the story’s main character lives and tries their best to make things work. There is no room for much hesitation or despair in the story of this soulful artist looking for the path to their dreams, quite the opposite – they’re holding out hope there is enough time to find what they’re looking for. Even if the destination is still a dream, the shimmering and whimsical acoustic folk rock tune celebrates small yet impactful things already present and sees no wrong in dreaming big.

The single, following an earlier version released on a compilation called “Origin: See The Light”, the single features a full-band arrangement giving it a lively full-bodied sound. At its heart, “Time Out” is an open-hearted track acting as a perfect slice-of-life soundtrack. Sano Hill, described as a singer-songwriter with a poetic soul, definitely knows how to write evocative and uplifting music, and “Time Out” hits the nail of depicting a whimsical dreamy musician with precision.

“Time Out” is out now. Listen the single today!
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