Arrows of the Sun’s “Sick in the Heart” -Captivating Alt Rock

Arrows of the Sun, the DIY indie rock band hailing from a small village near Oxford, UK, have taken a daring step in their latest release, “Sick in the Heart.” Departing from their usual acoustic sound, the band ventures into the realm of electric-driven alternative rock, creating a refreshing sonic experience.


Right from the start, the song captivates with an intriguing bass line and a combination of clear, crispy clean guitars, adorned with just the right amount of treble sheen. As the verses unfold, the electric guitar rhythm seamlessly intertwines, adding depth and intensity to the track. One of the standout qualities of “Sick in the Heart” is its great ambiance. The band masterfully balances the instrumentals with the emotional weight of the lyrics, creating a powerful and immersive musical journey.

The theme of past relationships resonates strongly, and the band’s performance brings out the raw emotions embedded within the song. The guitar tone deserves special mention, as it adds a layer of richness to the composition. The crispy and sharp trebly timbre of the guitars enhances the overall finesse of the sound, elevating it to a new level of indie rock excellence.

Arrows of the Sun have proven their versatility and ability to evolve with “Sick in the Heart.” This bold departure from their raw roots showcases their growth as musicians and their willingness to explore new musical territories. With its deep lyrics and emotional performance, “Sick in the Heart” is a compelling and catchy alt-rock gem that leaves listeners craving for more.

Arrows of the Sun press photo

This is the previous track released by the band and I want to invite you to go and stream it right away!

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