The Third Man releases sorrowful new single “What She Wrote”

The Edinburgh-based outfit The Third Man is presenting their newest song “What She Wrote”. Set to release on July 6th, the soft gloomy single speaks of a breakup and all it entails, and it does so through the lens of reminiscence and on the basis of a handwritten letter left on the man’s bed.


Dry tears and regrets fill up the quiet room where “What She Wrote” takes place. At its core as a spoken performance is a letter with contents that leave the heart bleeding. That’s surrounded by a gentle indie rock sound that delicately builds up the atmosphere of absolute sadness and sorrow, as the weeping vocals speak of the woman writing the letter and the events leading up to that point. The words written down seem to burn through paper, filling the song’s atmosphere with haziness.

“For What She Wrote, Dan came up with most of the words and the initial music (he plays the guitars on this track) and sent it to me for a bit of polish and I wrote the letter that the song is about and had the idea we could layer it underneath the main song. I asked my sister Sophy Teasdale, who studied drama at St Martins college in London, to perform it and she did a great job acting it out.
I put the keys and vocals down, and when Andy Grieve our drummer created the rumbling toms part and I was sent the cool synth bass from Pete Nixon I knew we had a real winner.”

Luke Westendarp by The Thrid Man

The Third Man press photo

“What She Wrote” is the first single coming from The Third Man’s upcoming debut album “Somewhere To Leave”. The power of leaving has been an intriguing topic for the band for some time and this new release has a collection of stories inspired by the power behind the choice of leaving, or not leaving a relationship, time, or location.


The 4-piece band refers to themselves as an indie band, but the indie rocker attitude comes across only in live shows, and even then occasionally. The Third Man’s soul lies in layers of gentle, ethereal soundscapes supporting stories exploring the complex nature of emotions. Basically, it’s perfect music supporting the introspective searches done with eyes closed in a comfy spot.

“We like to write songs about stories that move us, with music that goes from gentle to epic crescendos. They are sometimes personal and sometimes about the challenges of life that others face, we like to think they are a little hopeful too. Maybe you’ll find they resonate with you as well.”

The Third Man

Listen to “What She Wrote” now
The album “Somewhere To Leave” will be released on July 27th – pre-save here.

The Third Man press photo debut single release

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