LearningToDive releases new single “Rise”, a transformative single about the journey of life

What is life if not an eternal journey that you walk to the best of your abilities? LearningToDive thinks so too and releases a new single “Rise” that depicts the journey of a life full of more obstacles. But despite all the harassment, deceitful people, and backstabs, the single never gives in to the negativity and despair and seeks to always rise above the dark, even if the end is still the same.


“‘Rise’ starts uneasily, and finishes uneasily, and that is where I wanted to leave the listener…which isolates the choruses for their euphoria…part of the schizophrenic nature of a long period of persecution.” 

Bravo Bonez

This gloomy yet strangely empowering approach to life makes “Rise” a potent song for those listeners, who don’t, at least currently, have the best times. It does rise like a phoenix from the ashes as the song’s moody trip-hop beats paint a clearing in the stormy sky, but at the same time “Rise” acknowledges it won’t be the last time, and the battle will continue. A refreshing down-to-earth take that is caressed by vocals of the kind that seep straight to the soul.

“Rise” is the third single coming from the artist, the emotive thought-inspiring alias led by Bravo Bonez. This alias is home for the producer and multi-instrumentalist’s more serious side. While “Rise” focuses on our inner world clashing with those surrounding us, Bravo Bonez also looks at society itself and its impacts on the planet.

The track is out now on Bandcamp and on streaming platforms on July 14th. The single is part of LearningToDive’s upcoming EP titled “Drums of War”.


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