De Antiquis et Novis Infectious New Single “Dancing Under The Moon”

German producer, De Antiquis et Novis, makes us dance with his brand new single “Dancing Under The Moon”. An electronica track with classic Trance vibes and beautiful female vocals by featured artist: Elise. Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a pretty upbeat track filled with wild synths and hypnotic rhythms. Once again, De Antiquis et Novis continues with his electronic music releases, as always with a classic vibe and House spirits.

This single continues to path the way for DAEN’s upcoming EDM album: Dance!

“Dancing Under The Moon” creates a wonderful musical endeavor. The beautiful vocals set the tone for a fantastic dance under a starry night. With the moon over our heads, and the sweat on our foreheads, we feel the joy of moving our bodies as the Disco beats take control over us.

DAEN is known for his infectious grooves and captivating melodies, as well as for his ways of creating hypnotic synths. Put this all together with some amazing vocals and emotional lyrics and you’ve got yourself a banger. “Dancing Under The Moon” will easily fit into any House & Disco playlist.

Whether it is for a party night, or just washing the dishes, this track will do a great job at soundtracking your day.


De Antiquis Et Novis press photo


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