Attic Theory Features Legendary Guest Vocalist on their Latest, “Papier-Mâché”

An exciting new track “Papier-Mâché”, and an album is on the way from the band Attic Theory, whom you might remember from our coverage of their rockin’ single “Narrow Lines” back in October.



That single, along with the well-received, previously released song “Tattooed Heart,” as well as a brand-new single (we’ll be getting to momentarily) are pillars of a full-length album slated for release in January of next year, courtesy of ThunderGun Records and Nova Music Distribution UK.

The new single is dropping on 07-28-2023 to streaming services everywhere, but wait! There’s more. This new song, titled “Papier-Mâché,” features guest vocals from Kevin Martin from none other than legendary multi-platinum-selling band Candlebox! Yes indeed, that Candlebox. As in the band notable for smash hits such as with “You” and “Far Behind.”

The band is currently on tour with 3 Doors Down. And bittersweetly, the band in the midst of creating a final studio album titled, “The Long Goodbye.” Lewis Wright, vocalist of Attic Theory, comments on the collaboration:

“It’s a huge honour to have our friend Kevin Martin of Candlebox on this track. I’ve admired his musicianship for years and I am massive fan of his band so this is definitely a fanboy moment for me that has been ticked off my bucket list”.

Tell me about it! I’m fanboying myself over here on just the listening side of things. Adding even more icing to the cake, an official music video for “Papier-Mâché” will be debuting on the band’s YouTube channel a week prior to streaming services on 07-26-2023 at 6pm (BST). Click the alert bell for notifications and join me for the debut!

Blogger privileges! I had the wonderful opportunity to hear the track before release and it’s stunning. Super slick production, solid rockin’ backbeat rhythms, crunchy guitars, and of course at this point you’d expect none other than killer vocal hooks, harmonies, and melody.

Lyrically there are several depictions identity crisis, medication management, and in general, references to mental health. An example being the primary vocal line “An itch you can’t scratch away, behind the mask of papier-mâché.”

The thematic lyrical concept carries over to the visual representation in the music video too. It’s an animated video produced by Studface Productions (aka Studface Interactive). Lewis Wright, lead singer of Attic Theory, goes on to tease out and describe the video in more detail:

“The animated music video, by Studface Productions, was influenced by ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ and is set in old rundown insane asylum. This is the archaic perception of mental health, and we wanted the video to symbolize that society has thankfully escaped those outdated ways of thinking and the band are recused by an unlikely hero.”

The album coming out in January is titled, “What We Fear the Most,” and is available for Pre-Order.


Attic Theory "What We Fear The Most" artwork

Attic Theory are:

Lewis Wright – Vocals.

Peter Donnelly – Guitar.

Tim Cunningham – Guitar.

Matt Lawler – Guitar.

Kenny McArthur – Bass.

Norm Walker – Drums.

“Papier-Mâché” was recorded with producer Loïc Gaillard (Revival Black, Ashen Reach) at the Motor Museum Recording Studio in Liverpool. The band’s overall sound and vibe is a great match for fans of classic Alternative Rock, Grunge, and Hard Rock. I go as far as to say they are more on the heavier side of things, on average, than most Alt Rock acts. A tasteful hybrid of rockin heavy but maintaining melodic composition. I’d recommend them for anyone who has a palate for Foo Fighters, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, and of course… Candlebox.

Attic Theory Papier-Mâché press photo


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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