Wild Horse’s groovy new diss single “Do You Wanna Talk”

British indie rock trio Wild Horse is back with their fourth single of the year, the sunny and groovy track “Do You Wanna Talk”, and it comes to solidify them as a growing force in the music scene. Much like their song “Tangled“, the new single showcases a great deal of creativity and versatility from the boys.

Wild Horse "Do You Wanna Talk" press photo

Written about a summer relationship and all the baggage that comes along with it, “Do You Wanna Talk” is a light and breezy indie rock tune, but one that carries a message that goes deeper than the surface level. With lyrics such as ‘it’s not me you’re looking for, now you wanna get in touch‘ that flows right into the punch in the gut ‘now you’ve been alone for a minute, now you wanna talk about it‘ and the way that it simply ends with ‘No, I don’t wanna talk‘ is just brutal.

It works so perfectly as a diss track about someone who once was important and took you for granted. Now they want to get back, but you’ve moved on.

Relying heavily on their funky influences, the trio delivers an immaculate song that features such a unique production. The synths and guitars flow beside each other seamlessly, and then there is a break towards the end when everything changes – it’s mind-blowing to listen to. Wild Horse once again manages to surprise their audience by showing the best that they can do every single time, and it works so well.

The core of the song is that even if it’s a summer thing, relationships are hard to maintain and they require effort from all of the parts, or they simply die out. The way Wild Horse explores such themes in a light way, over dancey beats and catchy guitar lines is so impressive.

It never once gets too heavy, but at the same time, it gets its point across very easily. “Do You Wanna Talk” is a remarkable single from these boys, who are building themselves up. They are working really hard, releasing great singles one after the other and now it’s their moment to shine, and they know it.


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