An Electro Alt Rock Battle Story With Memoria D’Elefante’s “Guerra a 2”

Portuguese rock musician Memoria D’Elefante has released their debut single “Guerra a 2”. Hailing from the picturesque coastal city of Porto, D’Elefante blends the spirit of legendary influences like Nirvana, The Cure, and Deftones. The first single from an upcoming record is a captivating instrumental alt-electro-rock gem that leaves listeners entranced.


Drawing inspiration from Tolstoy’s epic “War and Peace,” Memoria D’Elefante paints a musical canvas that evokes both the turmoil of battle and the cathartic release of energy in an almost dystopian landscape. The single’s artwork, featuring futuristic tanks in this intriguing setting, sets the tone for the sonic journey that unfolds.

The song’s structure conveys war. The verses are constructed around a mesmerizing percussive bass motif interwoven with intricate rhythmic elements, symbolizing the relentless cannonballs of war. As the track progresses into the chorus, the listener is met with a powerful wall of sound – overdriven guitars and unwavering rock drums that sweep them into energy and emotion.

Memoria D’Elefante masterfully captures the ebb and flow of conflict and resolution through their music. The bass motifs in the verses represent the impending onslaught, while the chorus, with its electrifying guitars, serves as a resolute counter-attack, evoking a sense of triumph and defiance. What truly sets “Guerra a 2” apart is its fusion of alternative rock with electronic and industrial elements. Memoria D’Elefante’s “Guerra a 2” is musical storytelling through sound that encapsulates the chaos and resolution of battle, a sure banger addition to your rock playlist.

Memoria D'Elefante "Guerra a 2" press photo


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