To Hell With Tradition’s finest moment with new single “Open Season”

German artist and multi-instrumentalist Achim Hofmeyer A.K.A. To Hell With Tradition is back with the first single from his next album “Open Season” due out August 25th but you can stream it right now only here and it’s just so good. The prolific artist has already released three full albums since 2020, and this is not stopping or slowing down any time soon.


Achim has a way of singing about deep philosophical issues, his own sense of spirituality and ideals and still somehow manages to translate it into a song filled with pop sensibilities and thumping beats. Blind Spots, the upcoming album, deals with themes such as “the revelation that once certain answers have been revealed, we might be tempted to believe we reached the end of our journey, while it is only when we truly open our eyes, we realize that it is all just beginning”, according to Achim himself, and it’s all present in “Open Season” – the first of two singles that will be released to promote the album.

“Open Season” showcases Achim at his absolute best: the strong piano chords, pulsating post-punk drums, and percussion, with a sliver of synths and keys to give it a little flare; all tied together by his deep voice that sounds better than ever. A remarkable tune laced with pitch-perfect production, keeping up with the soundscapes that he’s been mastering for the past few years.

The song is already available for streaming exclusively here via his Bandcamp page, and it’s an excellent introduction to the album. It leaves you wanting to hear more and, thankfully, it won’t be so long until we get to the whole thing as Blind Spots will be out on October 6th!


To Hell With Tradition "Open Season" press photo


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