DM Ascension Will Get You Moving With Groovy Smooth Jazz Chillout ‘Kinetic’

Canberra duo DM Ascension’s latest musical offering, “Kinetic,” is a cool blend of vibrant rhythms and mesmerizing melodies. Collaborating with the talented flutist Cicilia Kemezys, the Australian duo showcases their love for chillout and smooth jazz, delivering an engaging track that resonates with positivity. The song was released on September 01st.


The track “Kinetic” reflects the essence of its name, exuding an infectious energy that invites listeners to embrace the feel of motion, chance, and movement. The infusion of the flute, skillfully played by Cicilia Kemezys, forms the distinctive and captivating center of the song.

Having always been a fan of House music and in particular the repetition of four-to-the-floor beat with jazzy influences, this was something I approached my music partner Mike about and that’s how this latest track got started. I also had a feeling the perfect musical instrument for the track would be the flute and Cicilia certainly had an amazing performance on it!

Daniel White

DM Ascension, comprised of Mike Dooley and Daniel White, has consistently impressed with their musical prowess and genre-spanning creativity. Drawing influence from luminaries like Steely Dan, Christophe Goze, and Sade, they’ve managed to carve out a unique sonic identity that blends lounge music, jazz, and chillout vibes seamlessly.

DM Ascencion Cicilia Kemezys press photo

Creating energetic, rhythmic tracks blended with catchy hooks and infectious grooves, the song offers a refreshing escape, enveloping listeners in a world of musical bliss. The chemistry between DM Ascension and Cicilia Kemezys is palpable, resulting in a performance that’s both enjoyable and exhilarating. In the words of Cicilia Kemezys herself, recording “Kinetic” was an exciting challenge that resonated deeply with both Mike and Daniel. The synergy between the artists is palpable, translating into a track that radiates joy and creativity.

DM Ascension’s “Kinetic” is a vibrant sonic journey that captivates from start to finish. With its spirited beats, entrancing flute melodies, and an overall sense of optimism, the track is bound to find its place among the favorites of chillout and smooth jazz enthusiasts alike.

DM Ascension "Kinetic" press photo


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