Moon and Aries’s ethereal trip-hop gets new treatment on “Traffic”

Moon and Aries, the prolific trip-hop duo made up of German composer and producer Tom Aries and Canadian singer and songwriter Jordana Moon, just released a brand new single titled “Traffic”. After a quite successful run of singles and the album “Break the Matrix“, the dup kept going on strong and evolving their sound more and more.


“Traffic”, their latest release, comes featuring a new style in production and mood that suits them very well. The song, which uses traffic as a very clever metaphor for relationships and getting through the hardships of life, shows the duo moving a little bit away from the Portishead-like trip-hop they were more used to, to make room for something new. This time around, the duo focuses more on late-90s R&B and Soul as major inspirations, taking clues from the likes of Sade and Lisa Stansfield instead. Maybe a little of Aimee Mann thrown in as well as the experimental funk and jazz sounds found in early Cibo Matto records.

It’s a new direction for Moon and Aries, and one that worked so well for them. Jordana’s voice sounds even clearer and more distinctive amongst the new production that sounds smoother and softer without ever losing its edge and dynamism even for a second. It sounds all the way like a Moon and Aries song, but “Traffic” shows us that they are willing to go for something new and unique, never tried before. It’s less electronic, featuring mostly organic instrumentation, and gives the emotions portrayed a special room to shine.

On the lyrics, “Traffic” reminds us to enjoy life more through the metaphor of an actual traffic jam – but, more importantly, it’s about our reaction to it. “Do you slam on your horn and complain, or do you crank up your radio and find the greatest theme song for your incredible journey? Do you yell at the other drivers, or do you roll down your window, throw your shades on, and acknowledge to the other drivers “We are all in this together?!”, the duo says about the song and it’s a powerful statement to life itself.

One key element that makes “Traffic” such an incredible song is the collaboration with European musician Joko Magic, who delivers a smooth saxophone line throughout the song and makes it sound even more human. It is simply so beautiful to listen to, everything works together so well and the final product is a song that feels both new and exciting as well as a nostalgia trip to better times.

After mastering their electronics and perfecting their sound on the last album, it’s great to hear that Moon and Aries keep pushing themselves into new things, especially when they sound this good!


Moon and Aries "Traffic" press photo

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