Proklaim releases “Love Highway” and “Reason 2 Believe”, two new timeless introspective rap tunes

Yap, Proklaim is back, and this time with 2 fresh singles – “Love Highway” which was released on August 29th, and the newest drop “Reason 2 Believe”, which came out on August 30th. The Namibian rap artist has already made his name with highly wholesome music with themes of self-growth, self-love, and finding one’s purpose, and the new songs continue the line of truthful introspection.

“Love Highway” shines like a concentrated dose of pleasant summer weekends with bright sax melodies and African rhythms. In its heart it’s an ongoing search for the “Highway of Love” and working through the daily struggles life throws at you. Proklaim keeps an inspiringly resilient tone in here as what he describes in his fast-moving rhymes could make a person struggle and reconsider. That optimism, which is also present in the sunny instrumentation, brings back the energy and determination to forge on.

Proklaim "Love Is A Highway"

The most recent single to be released, “Reason 2 Believe” offers a more serious tone in contrast. The speedy rhymes offer an unaltered view of the artist’s thoughts on life and its hardships, politics and how it affects people around him, money’s power, and much more. Trying to make sense of all the noise and harrowing things, “Reason 2 Believe” looks into things that really should be counted while living that one life you’ve been given. It’s a powerful track that doesn’t shy away from showing the raw issues people deal with, but at the same time, it offers hope, packaged in captivating hooks.

Releasing music since 2011, Proklaim is a solo artist who started writing raps while learning to play the guitar. Inspired by the greats of hip-hop like Tupac, Nas, and Drake, Proklaim’s music is full of classic hip-hop goodness with a little bit of modern sound thrown in the mix. What really makes him shine is the highly inspiring messages weaved into the beats – both of these singles come loaded with soul, love, and appreciation for life.

Listen to “Love Highway” and “Reason 2 Believe” today on your favorite platforms!


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