S J Denney’s Adult Contemporary Folk Soft Rock Gem ‘The Trouble With Me’ EP

Essex, UK musician S J Denney crafts some solid adult contemporary soft rock songs with his latest EP, ‘The Trouble With Me.’ Combining elements of folk and indie alternative music, Denney draws inspiration from legends such as The Beatles, Neil Young, Robert Plant, and Jeff Buckley to craft a musical experience that is both familiar and refreshingly unique.


Clocking in at just 20 minutes, ‘The Trouble With Me’ boasts four meticulously crafted tracks that effortlessly transport listeners to the golden era of adult contemporary rock in the 80s, reminding you of Phil Collins and Billy Joel. Denney’s self-production, with most parts recorded in the cozy cabin at the end of his garden, is top-notch.

The journey begins with ‘Let’s See Where This Goes,’ a soft rock gem that opens with a captivating violin melody accompanied by light percussion and acoustic guitar. Denney’s radiant vocals lead the way, and as the song unfolds, various string sections and guitar elements seamlessly blend, creating a rich, joyous musical concoction. It’s a mid-tempo anthem that infuses optimism and happiness into every note, with influences from Kate Bush evident through an array of instruments, including uillean pipes, Galician gaita, tin whistle, and the fiddle.

‘Trying to Be Someone’ follows, commencing with delicate piano lines and rhythmic percussion, eventually intertwining with acoustic guitars. The track is elevated by superb vocal harmonies and intricate horn sections, showcasing Denney’s exceptional musical arrangements. ‘Tread Carefully’ takes us on a nocturnal journey with saxophone lines and adult contemporary rock jazz-inspired chord progressions. The song’s alluring melodies and captivating chorus create an unforgettable sonic experience, and a phenomenal saxophone solo adds an extra layer of brilliance.

‘What More Can I Say?’ slows down the tempo with a waltz-like structure and a prominent string section. The dulcet tones of the dulcimer instrument add a touch of elegance to this soft rock ballad, further highlighting Denney’s versatility as a songwriter. In the tradition of The Beatles’ ‘Her Majesty’ from Abbey Road, we also get a final hidden track ‘Cabin Fever’. This serves as a secret gem, closing the EP with a charming country rock twist. Bluesy licks and a steady rhythm make it an excellent conclusion to this musical journey.

At the heart of the music, is solid songwriting by SJ Denney. “The Trouble with Me” by S J Denney serves a nostalgic yet fresh sound that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of adult contemporary, soft rock, and singer-songwriter music. It has rich instrumentation, heartfelt songwriting, and captivating vocals, giving you a dose of timeless, feel-good music.

S J Denny press photo

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