Swivvel releases debut EP “Passerby” full of sunny melodramatic affairs

Swivvel, the Miami-based dreamy indie rock band has just recently released their debut EP “Passerby”, a 3-track ode to the summers spent on the beaches of their home city. Sunny yet poignant, this warm-hearted little record holds loads of lovely memories of a really hazy, colorful, and eventful hot season.


There is probably no telling how much action goes on in the city of Miami. The number of merry days, excited nights, headache-infused mornings, and “I have no idea how this happened” moments must be in the thousands. Swivvel, however, is able to shed light on this especially since the 5-headed group of friends and solo artists live in the bustling city. Their new release corrects that the number of colorful events is in fact countless, and looks into the summertime through the lens of summer sadness.

Swivvel "Passerby" press photo

Now if seasonal sadness was mentioned, you will probably grow stunned as “Passerby” starts off with a delicious eponymous punk rock tune. Airy dreamy indie rock melodies soon grow into turn to 11 rowdy punk affairs living out the messy state of mind while absolutely enjoying the occasion. “Swim” eases into a hazed warm yet vibrant atmosphere floating in a combination of gentle light-heartedness and feelings of solid foundation. “Newfound” finishes the EP on a cooler note with reverberant guitar melodies and filled with poignancy lyricism.

The short and delightful love-shaped card of an EP was released right when the summer season ended, leaving us an opportunity to look back to the colorful events that took place in the season. Be it either the quiet longing or raising a little reminiscent drink in honor of all that took place, Swivvel’s new EP accompanies us all in hope and summer sadness.

“Passerby” EP is out now on all major platforms!


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