Indie Alt Rock Master Record With Tired Cossack’s “I Know, I Guess”

Ukrainian-Canadian artist Tired Cossack has released a great alternative indie rock album, “I Know, I Guess.” This act has been making waves, selling out local headlining shows, and playing the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, MB.


The album is a mix of indie rock with alternative and punk elements. This is sprinkled with reverb-drenched rhythm guitars that remind you of the best of classic 80s and 90s British alternative and indie rock. Genres like post-punk and shoegaze-inspired indie rock can be heard here. The vocals by Tired Cossack with their powerful delivery definitely are a highlight on the record. We have 12 diverse tracks, clocking in at around 42 minutes with each song treating you with enough to keep you listening.

“Sardines” kicks off the album with a mid-tempo indie rock groove, enriched by synths. “New Binge” showcases effect-drenched guitar riffs that create a great soundscape, leaving you craving for more. “Cowboy” seamlessly blends dream pop rock and shoegaze elements, crafting a wall of dreamy harmonies that tinge with just the right amount of heaviness.

“Upper” pays homage to ’80s style indie rock, reminiscent of legendary bands like The Smiths, Stone Roses, and The Jam. “Dingo Starr” combines post-punk vibes with New Wave elements, driven by a bouncy bassline and chorus-drenched guitars. “Downer” has acoustic guitars and psychedelic dreamy clean guitar reverb reminding you of some psychedelic Beatles. “Korean Baseball” is a great indie rock gem that keeps the momentum going. “Tin” revisits the retro ’80s style indie rock with New Wave aspects. “Sleepy Beepy” is another power indie rock banger, where you’ll keep nodding your head to the beat.

“Casio” introduces a modern dream pop sound with chiming synths and ethereal production, taking you on a dreamy journey. “Voice” delivers a mix of heavy and dreamy rock sounds, reminiscent of the heavier tracks from The Cure’s “Disintegration.” You will feel cathartic emotions with lots of retro indie rock elements. So many beautiful synths combined with heavier chorus heavy indie rock beautiful vocal harmonies. Perfect album closer and one of the best tracks from the album!

“I Know, I Guess” shows Tired Cossack’s artistic growth and versatility. He effortlessly navigates between different styles, creating a cohesive yet diverse sonic landscape. It’s great to see that indie rock, dream pop, or post-punk, are alive and there’s something music for every kinda rock music lover. Tired Cossack’s second album is a triumph, leaving us eagerly anticipating what he’ll create next. Don’t miss out on this captivating musical journey; it’s an album that deserves a top spot in your playlist.


Tired Cossack "I Know, I Guess" press photo


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