Grace & Moji reveal an uplifting soul-charging single “Sad Times”

LA-based indie-pop duo Grace & Moji will release their 4th single “Sad Times” on October 19th. Driven by the process of self-discovery, the song approaches this search for inner truth in a charmingly optimistic key. When the journey to self-healing is usually addressed in serious and sometimes even somber tones since it is a heavy topic, “Sad Times” takes a more celebratory tone. While the path to self-healing can be hard, Grace & Moji are encouraged to celebrate and enjoy the progress made so far.



Grace & Moji "Sad Times" press photo

Grace & Moji are a married couple of artists-producers making soulful music in which they explore themes of love, growth, and learning from experiences. Whether it’s the highly inspiring love they share with each other, or battling their inner demons, Grace & Moji make the themes captivating and influential to everyone out there. Their newest song “Sad Times” keeps up the healthy heartwarming spirits that Grace & Moji have made themselves known for, and it joins the journey to self-healing with plant-based medicine, such as ayahuasca.

“Sad Times might be the only pop song about ayahuasca in existence,” Moji remarks,
highlighting the track’s unique standing in the world of pop music

“Sad Times” was inspired by Grace’s own struggles of sad periods where she was finding her way through dark places. But, as the song’s uplifting spirit tells, those times have also led to a lot of self-growth and while the process does hurt, in the end, there are better times and a higher understanding of oneself. Thus, the song is a light-hearted pop tune that addresses the heavyweight in its true nature but also embraces the hope, light, and sheer resilience that keeps us going even through the saddest times. Steering rhythms, catchy choruses, and lyrics of unrelenting honesty make for a great song that knows how to bring a dose of hope into a grim day.

Counter the darkness with bright colors and sweet things, just like the lyric video for the song that’s full of pretty purple-pink scenes, flowers, and slow body-moving scenes. So even if life throws a curveball that dampens your days for a while, “Sad Times” encourages you to try and find your way to the other side!


Listen to “Sad Times” NOW!


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