Hana Piranha unleashes “Lorelei”, a raw, rowdy song powered by sheer vulnerability

Hana Piranha is back with a brand new dose of raw energy. The tune, called “Lorelei”, takes us to the grim depths of an abusive relationship and is absolutely not keeping back any emotion that the experience gives. “Lorelei” is a loud, powerful, and on occasion downright aggressive anthem of a survivor of abuse, combative and healing at once.


Hana Piranha "Lorelei" band  press photo

“Lorelei” sounds as if it’s been carved out of pure pain and darkness. There are elements of Nine Inch Nails in the industrial rock sound, the unsettling and combative tone in the lyrics, and truly angry and pained emotions in Hana’s incredible vocals. Remnant bruises, scars, and terrifying memories are no longer stopping, and “Lorelei” stands tall, determined, and vengeful for the survived pain. After all, it’s a personal song based on Hana Piranha’s ex-boyfriend and the highly abusive relationship that almost destroyed her. Almost.

Continuing the line of revenge, the artist chose to name the single after a legendary mermaid Lorelei, once a maid abandoned by her lover and now a mermaid luring sailors to crash into the rocks she sits on. For that reason, the music video for the single was also shot underwater and on the shore, full of both symbolic and far more literal elements pointing to abuse, survival, and raw vulnerability.


Survivors of abuse know how long the experienced suffering follows them. The fear and intimidation have left, but the anger, grief, and trauma responses remain. Hana Piranha has provided a perfect song to power strength and self-healing. Now ask me who I are!

Hana Piranha "Lorelei" sitting



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