Onism E Shares Exclusive New Single “I’m Sorry”

New York City’s Onism E is back on the scene with a new single “I’m Sorry” dropping on November 2nd! Approximately (give or take) a year since their last single “It’s Not Over” was released in November of 2022. It’s hard to believe it’s even been that long, as the band has been busy playing shows and festivals, riding high on the waves of that last single, and soaking in accolades such as having one of their tunes included in the Eclectic Music Lover’s top 100 songs of the year since then.


From what it looks like on their Facebook page, the band perhaps might have began laying some groundwork for the new track, jamming with Joey Stuckey on or around mid-September. As it turns out, Stuckey (of Shadow Sound Studios), the acclaimed composer, performer, sound engineer, and session musician; is indeed featured on the new single throwing down on some guitar work. The single is up for pre-order on Bandcamp and is currently available for pre-saving on your favorite streaming service:

Ohhh but wait, there’s more… How about an exclusive Bandcamp preview to add a cherry on top? Proud to be the one to deliver the great news on behalf of the LT1KF community to you. Enjoy an exclusive listen of the upcoming indie rocker:


With talent and spirit like this it’s not surprising that Onism E have a track history of receiving accolades. The group prides themselves on not only rocking your socks off, but taking you on a journey with them. They have been awarded the Radio Wigwam’s “Best Indie Rock Act of 2020″ and were also crowned the winner of the “Power to the People John Lennon Song Writing Contest 2020.”

Definitely, a band worth checking out beyond just waiting for the official release of “I’m Sorry.” Releasing music since 2019, they have had a fresh sound, yet still possess an underlying tribute to classic power rock and folk rock. Of particular note, I’d recommend tracks like “In the Shadows” and “My America.”

Lyrically, “I’m Sorry” interestingly enough is an unapologetic anthem about living without regret. It’s an in-your-face song that moves to comfort you at the same time. It’s a great song with a great message, and that message is: a reassurance. A reassurance that it is ok to be you, and that you don’t be apologetic for living your life.

The lead vocalist, Eline Chavez, sings emotively and with passion in a way that not only has you hearing the song, but really feeling it. The vocals feel sincere and genuine. By my ears, and this may be a bit of a hot take as I have not seen this referenced as a direct influence anywhere else for the band, but I vibe to it a bit similarly at times to The Mars Volta.

I pick up musically on some echoes of MC5, some Hendrix. Enough of my banter, as cited by Chavez herself, her confirmed influences that include Patti Smith and Janis Joplin are clearly present as well. Onism E is a fine recommendation for fans of those aforementioned artists.


Overall, the song is tasteful and well put together. Joey Stuckey added to the mix for “I’m Sorry” was really the cherry on top. It came together and blended naturally, everything complimented each other perfectly. Mark you calendars and keep your eyes out for more!


Onism E is:

Eline Chavez, Vocals and Guitar (drums on this track)

Chris “Lefty” Vargas – Guitar

Raj Arenas – Drums,

Erik Alvarez – Bass

Onism E "I'm Sorry" artwork


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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