The Pulltops release an uplifting love song “Make Me Smile”

The Pulltops have just recently revealed their new single, a soft and loveful tune called “Make Me Smile”. It’s a love song at its core, embracing the uplifting and warming nature of this one special person that brings color even to the grayest of days. “Make Me Smile” brings forth a strong dose of serotonin with infectious and enjoyable love-infused happiness.


Love manifests itself in multiple ways. Butterflies, flustered faces, and excitement through the ceiling are just some of its many faces, but one that’s perhaps one of the most adorable thoughts one could have about the person is “You’re the one that always makes me smile”. That very thought is what “Make Me Smile” is based upon and the thought has found its place in the song’s driving chorus.

Speaking of driving, The Pulltops have built an especially sweet yet stirring sound for this particular song. There’s a combination of indie rock and singer-songwriter pop that bridges the speedy and uplifting with the intimate and emotional. As a result, “Make Me Smile” features highly touching verses along with gentle instrumentation, as well as a blast of a chorus that’s designed to make your heart race. If there’s anything else this chorus feels like, it would be driving in a cabriolet in a warm summer day and the roof down. Just an utterly enjoyable rush of energy.

The Pulltops "Make Me Smile" press photo

Milwaukee-based band The Pulltops consists of two friends, guitarist Tom Crowell and drummer Mark Pierret, who found each other through their common love for collecting vinyl. The two avid record collectors love the empowering energy rock, pop, and catchy hooks provide and integrate all that in their own songwriting while also bringing in the more eclectic influences ranging from old soul and country to experimental electronica.

A great and rich-sounding band for anyone looking for something exciting and full-bodied in the realm of pop and indie rock!

Listen to “Make Me Smile” now on your favorite platforms!



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