Blueprint Tokyo’s exciting new turn on “Take My Breath”

American indie rock duo Blueprint Tokyo returns with their final single for 2023, as they gear up for a brand new EP and tour next year. “Take My Breath”, their latest song is like a breath of fresh air for the band as they experiment and try out new things, sounds, and inspirations – and it pays off extremely well.


“Take My Breath” feels and sounds more upbeat and catchy than their stunning previous single “Stand and Deliver“; and it’s absolutely wonderful to see that the band is expanding their soundscapes. Their new single is an indie rock soft ballad about the emotional turmoils of a relationship that comes with people growing up and sometimes growing apart, perfectly illustrated by rollercoaster metaphors and verses like ‘the oldest hearts are still young‘. It’s a beautifully written song with immaculate production that feels big and timeless.

Reminding you of U2 in the 80s at their very best era, “Take My Breath” features a warm and fuzzy saxophone line throughout the song that helps to elevate the emotions and feelings behind the lyrics. It’s a catchy song that stays in your head for days and days and sounds like nothing Blueprint Tokyo has ever released up until now, and it’s just so good and tasteful. On “Take My Breath”, the duo is at their prime, coming up with a greatness in sound and melody that feels just right.

Blueprint Tokyo chose to end their 2023 run with their best single yet, and I’m wonderstruck thinking about what else they will present to us in the next year. “Our songs and new EP are all about taking chances, expanding our skills as songwriters, and looking for inspiration around us”, band member Kevin Dawson says about their upcoming work – and this is extremely exciting to witness and to look forward to.


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