Skar de Line releases “The One”, a stern gaze into the sacrifices we make for happiness

Swedish singer-songwriter and filmmaker Skar de Line is ready to reveal “The One” in his autobiographical string of songs. This new song fills the stage with huge sounds and moody, borderline ominous vocals. At the center, it concentrates on the pursuit of happiness and the sacrifices made to achieve that. After all, happiness is what really counts, doesn’t it?


“The One” likens the strive towards happiness to that of a plane takeoff, and it’s a very turbulent takeoff. So, while the main vocals of bone-chilling quality speak of the pursuit from a personal viewpoint, they’re accompanied by fuzzy “recordings” akin to airline safety instructions. Instead of the usual fastening seatbelts and oxygen masks, this stewardess encourages us to sit back and reflect on the journey while also reminding us how we are influenced by past experiences. And by nature, the neutral-friendly stewardess builds an interesting contrast with the whispering and growling male vocals, and the clean, high-pitched vocalizations in the background.

This song does not fail to leave a strong impression. Quite the contrary, “The One” throws itself open with a windy cloud of moodiness and invites us to listen and think along as Skar de Line’s intense and dark lyricism is given a rather deadly tone by his voice, cleanly singing his soul out and whispering with intimidation during choruses. It’s quite a show but without any of the tackiness. The path to happiness is one of the most kinked-up roads of all, and the turbulence of sacrifices is thunderous.

Skar de Line "The One" press photo

Just like the previous installments Skar de Line has released in the past month, “The One” has a music video directed and produced by the artist himself. This one was shot in multiple locations, including an abandoned airfield, and according to the artist, it’s the most extensive music video he’s done to date. Enter and witness identity search and questioning, the perception of the world around us, and elements backtracking to the previous installments of this largely autobiographical work – the path is still ongoing, but Skar de Line has come a long way! The video will be out on November 23rd.


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