Robert Vendetta’s raw and emotional new single “Fool”

Norwegian musician and artist Robert Vendetta continues to give us glimpses of his upcoming album, and this time it comes in the form of the latest single “Fool”. Influenced by both Ariana Grande and Leonard Cohen, “Fool” is a ballad filled with classic rock styles as well as an impeccable production and a dark theme.


Robert says that “Fool” is an integral part of the upcoming album’s story, being about hitting rock bottom before the turning point for the character. It tells the tale of someone who’s made poor life choices and has an underlying sense of desperation, perfectly illustrated by the repeated line “What have I done?“. It’s about realizing your mistakes when it’s already a bit too late, and there is nothing more that can be done about them.

The production does an amazing job of portraying that poignant sense of regret and desperation, by adding very few elements and making most of it just Robert and a piano. Robert also says that the core behind this song has existed for over fifteen years, and now it was finally reworked because it would fit his new album perfectly.

Part of that rework was the addition of an incredible bridge that feels huge and anthemic, and it’s the turning point of the song itself. It does leave you with a feeling of sadness and regretfulness, but there is also a light at the end of this tunnel because from here on in things can only get better and you’re willing to make them better.

“Fool” is a very emotional and remarkable track by Robert, putting front and center beside his songwriting that’s less flamboyant and eccentric, focusing on raw pain and facing the consequences of your own actions. It’s a beautiful track, with great lyrics and an amazing production. It gives you space to feel everything without ever becoming too overwhelming, in a perfect balance. I cannot wait to listen to this song within the context of his next album!


Robert Vendetta press photo for new single "Fool"


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