Aggressive Soccer Moms “QUINT”

Aggressive Soccer Moms recorded a cover. A version of Yoko Ono's "Why" "Her way of approaching music has many similarities to ASM's way of experimenting with their music. The monotony of her song "Why" is interspersed with rock'n'roll vibes as in "Sisters, O Sisters". If any genre boundary is identified, it must be broken.

Detention emotional & explosive “Peachy Keen”

"This song is about being in a bad place mentally, even when everything in your life is normal or going well. You start to try and justify how you’re feeling by looking for things that are going wrong, even when they aren’t. The whole song is about how it’s okay to be “not okay”, even when you feel like there isn’t anything wrong." - Elliott Carter / Detention

Pressure new story metal track “All The Things”

"All The Things" by Pressure begins with a very catchy vocal refrain and a sweet heavy intro section. The bridge section with its gritty vocals by Belarusian lead vocalist Olli Violet and backing by Olof Jönsson really pushes the buttons on the heaviness of the track followed by a fine guitar solo taking us to the final chorus.

I Am The Unicorn Head – “I Fell In Love With A Space Slug”

Yes, my dears, our favorite band I Am The Unicorn Head is back and after the release of Cosmologic Adventuring, they now return with their second single off their upcoming new album, "Unicorns in Space"! A concept album that follows the adventures of these two intrepid unicorn astronauts as they explore the galaxy.

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