“The Demon behind My Mind” deals with the fact that each one of us has its “demon” in his head and that there are situations that one would like to deal with differently in one’s imagination but cannot do so because of morals and conventions. But it is also a warning that not dealing with one’s demons or swallowing situations can at some point lead to psychological overload and a related freak-out.” – Ophelia’s Eye

Linda “Ballad of Abigail”

This greatly emotional ballad will be part of “Trip to Myself”, Linda’s upcoming album. Every new single I’ve heard from that album has given an own story complete with passion and sheer energy. Having previously written about the super dancy “City Lights”, and now embraced by the artist’s skill at writing powerful ballads, it is clear Linda is a strong artist you wouldn’t want to miss!

Beau Bowen “The Man with Laser Hands”

The duo’s newest single takes us further into their immersive and untamed sound, a trip into a woozy blend of vocals, synths and guitars. “The Man with Laser Hands” sounds like it could be a song about riding an insane high, or perhaps a theme music for a wicked deadly character with an exceptionally warped sense of morality in a forward-thinking movie.

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