Aniqa Dear – ” Boundaries”

“Boundaries” details what it’s like to feel like you have to protect yourself fiercely from everything outside of you, but the loneliness–the abject fear of it–breaks down and changes who you were. And eventually, freeing yourself becomes the only option.” – Aniqa Dear

Violet Temples “Enemy”

“Enemy was written as a result of me being fed up with my own destructive tendencies; laziness, a lack of self-discipline, self-sabotage. I was able to recognize my potential and come up with great ideas, yet I had no follow through. This song is literally me intervening with myself like, “Hey, you are getting nowhere in life, pull yourself together”.” Violet Temples

Kinetix “Off My Head”

“As an ode to becoming comfortable in one’s skin, the peace found in the chorus is akin to the moment one comes to terms with who they are, while the beat drops represent the new colorful perspective gained once you stop fearing the world and feel the strength to achieve all your dreams”.

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