Mrqs.whly “Morningstar”

Relationships can be a blessing, but also a curse when they turn out to be controlling and suffocating. Escaping such relationship is a crucial step towards healing, but to do so, help is often needed.

Below is a new song that has an infectious dose of determination, offering a helping hand to take the first step out, and grooves to break free of everyday stress and feel good!

Marquis Whaley, hailing from the warm Florida, produces music under the alias Mrqs.whly, specialized in creating a curious blend of alternative pop music interlaced with catchy beats and melodies as well as elements of rap adding flow. All those are carefully combined to carry his message right where it needs to reach.

Making music is his vessel for self-expression. His songs are bold at being true to your feelings and breaking out of your mold. A strong expression of self-awareness, his beats invite the listener to get down on the dancefloor whilst his lyrics shatter the ground under societal norms, stigmas and biases. Freedom of feeling all that needs to felt and not conforming to boundaries set by others echo throughout his music – increasingly relevant messages in today’s world.

Today he releases a second single, which is called “Morningstar“.

The moody cinematic song paints the image of that all-engulfing darkness of a suffocating relationship. The lyrics, beginning with “I got to find my way”, represent wanting to break free, searching for ways to escape from the toxic relationship. With the Morning Star guiding the listener, the journey is long and tiring, but the determination in each word he sings as well as the carrying vibe in melodies and the low end, the song marches towards the freedom and, ultimately, being yourself without the limits set by others’ ideals.

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