END OF PROOF – “made for two”

With a unique sound and immediate good vibes since second one, Made For Two is a track that will pick you up and leave you never coming down again. End Of Proof crystallised his feelings into an upbeat pop-rock style composition where everything seems to be speaking to you in a soothing way. A hopeful antidote to loneliness.

End Of Proof is Jon Hammeren Nilsson’s solo project that features massive and evolving sounds with a hint of shoegaze, mixed with what one could catalog as 90s feeling. Soothing, relaxing with a bit of crispiness in the edges. He tends to take advantage in the use of layers, specially with vocals, synths and guitars, giving the tracks their full and rich sounds.

Made For Two is about not wanting to be alone. “The lyrics is a mix of something playful and something painful.” – Jon Nilsson. It mixes a retro feeling with a modern composition, with crisp guitars, swinging drums, and even a horns section in the chorus that gives the track an almost orchestral feature. Almost every instrument is played by Jon himself and the drums were recorded by his good friend Tyge.

Influenced by the likes of Mew and Team Me, Jon started working this song on his acoustic guitar but he soon found it too happy, leading him to the decision of making it more upbeat and energetic. This turned the song into something completely different. Amazingly produced, this track was written, recored, produced, mixed, mastered and released by Jon and Tyge.

Made For Two is really a very catchy tune with very interesting elements and composition. It sounds familiar without losing its individuality, a big accomplishment on itself. It can be complex, yet easy on the ear, and simple, but quite ambitious at the same time. By this point I’m speaking of End Of Proof’s music in general. The talent this producer has seems to stand out from the standard as he delivers a fresh and interesting path for the listener to take.

The last single from his debut album “To Madness” got listed on NRK p3 (Norwegian version of BBC) and featured on a Spotify editorial playlist.

So waste no more time and go ahead and listen to Made For Two, in fact, we encourage you to listen to his full album To Madness, as it is an amazing work of art.

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