The TREES THE TREES – “When it’s over”

Depending on where you were born, you might think your hometown may be the most ideal place to be, but when revolution starts to unravel, hidden colors may start to arise letting you know there’s a lot to be worked on. “When It’s Over” is the result from such realizations, and a wake up call for a divided society. Will you wait for me when it’s over?

The Trees The Trees are a trio from Boise, Idaho, fully committed to their music and their dreams, willing to make a lot’a noise until the whole world notices. They seek to shake up the world with the use of their voice and art, and are willing to hold up an unflinching mirror to society.

Cameron Olson (vocals & guitar), Casey Burkett (bass) and Clinton Smith (drums) are a power trio with a unique sound and genre they like to call hillstomp rock. What once started as Folk, the band’s sound shifted along the years, as elements went in and out their lineup. “Eventually Clint came over to The Trees and the sound started to shift more rock.”

The Trees find their sound influenced by artists and bands like Shakey Graves, Jack White, Sam Beam, Local Natives, Band of Horses, The Shins and The Dead South. They’ve opened for The Classic Crime, played many regional festivals including Yellow Pine Festival, Treefort, and
East Magic and they often appear on local radio including RadioBoise and 100.3 The X. Also, they’ve been featured on Radio Wigwam and Nanobot rock.

“When It’s over” follows the turbulence and turmoil of the last year, written throughout the riots, protests, and political unrest of 2020. “[It] really started with the murder of George Floyd and the following riots and protests that erupted around the nation.

Progressive and a quite liberal city, Boise is a relocation center for refugees, with a large Bosnian community, many refugees from many worn torn African countries, the largest Basque community outside of Spain, an LGBTQ pride week, and a beautiful Anne Frank memorial.

“When the protests happened we had a significant BLM movement which we (the band) engaged in and fully supported.” -The Trees.

What they also had were mostly white supremacists with guns marching against those movements. People burning masks because the city initiated a mask mandate; a lot of hate and violence supporting hate. And it didn’t come from outside their community. “It made use realize that our community was not the idyllic place we hoped it was and that we have a lot of work to do, and how important it is that we use our voice and our music for change.”

The Trees hope that, despite putting ignorance and participation in systemic racism on display, the message of the song gets through: People can and will change. “And that we will continue to be there for each other through that process.” – The Trees.

Truly at their beginnings, The Tress are just starting to find their sound and they keep getting better and better. They want their listeners to engage, to know they matter to them and for every ounce of support given, they will return 10 fold with their music.

I’d like to finish this article with some comments from the band itself:

Cam: We just really appreciate the support of our fans, especially at shows, there is nothing quite like a really engaged audience who is having a lot of fun, and we take it to a new level when that happens!

Clint: Exactly! We play our music to move people. There is nothing better than when someone comes up and tells us how much a song means to them.

Casey: The way we see it, the fans are the ones who will take us to bigger and bigger stages as they connect with us. Our job is to hussle everyday to make and promote our music. And to stay true to ourselves, hopefully that will resonate with people in a way that they want to listen to our tracks and put us on their playlists, maybe share us with their friends or follow our socials, and especially to come out and see us live and support our dreams!


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