David Christy Jones – “Welcome To Virology”

An outstanding mixture of progressive rock, funk, rap and social critique, “Welcome To Virology” is an honest and majestic musical work from Irish eccentric multi-instrumentalist, David Christy Jones. Written between March 2020 and January 2021, WTV explores a variety of themes linked to the pandemic and political characters. It’s a broad expedition of witty lyrics and unconventional musical composition.

“I hope the record can be a comfort to those who share the same feelings and remind them that they are not alone.” – David Christy Jones

Influenced by eccentricity and virtuosity from the likes of Frank Zappa and Primus, David Christy Jones created a theatrical-like album that involves everything from socio-political topics, satirical critique and unbounded musical expression. Loneliness, isolation, anger and resentment are just a few of the issues covered in this unique musical blend.

Starting with album’s homophone “Welcome to Virology”, we immediately enter to David’s atypical, funk-rock world. A mix of high gain guitars, heavy drums and quirky vocals flood the listeners’ ears as we descend into a universe of chaotic rhythms and funky bass lines.

Track two, “Virology”, continues the funky extravaganza with synthetic basses and a smooth rap delivery from guest emcee, HYD. “Idiocy” features a satirical and intelligent critique towards money, environment, society and its leaders. “Before The Cold”, oscillates between a more relaxed ambience and an eerie atmosphere. “Imagine, If You Will” talks about the difficulties of giving your mother a treat in mother’s day during the pandemic, and a non-obedient fish restaurant…

“Seafood Ain’t That Special” continues with the story line of its predecesor, telling you to maybe not take your momma to lunch on her day. “Screaming Idiots” brings a 70’s funky vibe with even more social insights. “The New Normal” is an alternative hip-hop approach to keep pretending you’re having fun sitting in your couch.

“Beautiful Morning” is my personal favorite as it brings middle-eastern vibes mixed with 808s and low, growling, menacing bass and ethereal vocal melodies with a weird invocation-like chant on the background. And, last but not least, album’s outro “On Your Way Out” wraps it all up with a disruptive goodbye.

Definitely not for the faint of heart, Welcome To Virology promises to shake your head around both with confusion and excitement. So don’t forget to support this project and to follow him on InstagramFacebook,  TwitterYouTubeSoundcloud  and Spotify.

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