Gotta find the love… Gotta find the real…” Anthemic indeed, today’s song exudes energy and a determination to be who you’re supposed to be. My Anthem is Soda Cracker Jesus first single and its filled with an old school punk vibe mixed with poppy vocals and raw sound-waves.

Soda Cracker Jesus is Regan L. Barger’s new music project, focused on delivering hard-hitting bursts of energy on a 2 to 3 minute time stamp. He also leads the Psych-rock band Strangely Alright, where he’s used to make longer-format songs but in January 2021 he decided to challenge himself and go back to faster upbeat messages.

After one of his deep talks with her highly intelligent 12 year old daughter, going down the rabbit hole about people finding hope and faith in the strangest places, the name Soda Cracker Jesus popped up and Regan just couldn’t let it slide as a band’s name.

Influenced by the energy and passion from the likes of The Kinks, Sex Pistols, Ramones, and The Beatles’ White Album era, Regan composes music with spirit, wit and meaning. Also a multi-instrumentalist, Regan plays everything you hear on My Anthem. “Well, except drums. lol…I program and use loops for those pesky things…” – Regan.

My Anthem is a poppy punk delivery with high gain guitars, slamming drums and crunchy bass. Here, Regan explores his necessity of getting out and being who he’s meant to be. Living his life on his own terms, if you will. Searching for a clear mind and heart, Regan wants to feel comfortable on his own skin.

“I’ve been in recovery for a minute and the chorus “Clear and Real and Free” pertains to that but also the pull and drag of social media and outside influences.” – Regan

Made entirely in the studio at the house he and his wife bought right before their daughter was born, Regan played guitars, bass, and synths and sang all the vocals. Mastering was made by his wedding’s best man: Todd Ensminger, at The Hit Chamber.

“Sometimes the world can have a shortage of fun, so this is my way to balance the scales.” Life’s slowing down and the lack of interaction with other human beings pushed Regan to wanting to rock out, getting aggressive and physical, even if just for a couple of minutes.

Being a creator for himself and a caring father of a very gifted kid, Regan balances his life with a philosophy of love and sticking to who you are. “Love Always Wins. So Don’t Be A Dick.” That is my philosophy. It may not happen as quickly as we’d like and hate and anger are far louder, but love always wins. It has to. And it’s the license plate on my car…Really! lol

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