Monrad “Wired”

Monrad, also known as Matthew Ramon, born and raised in Belgium but felt the need to flee from his own hometown in search of new challenges in the industry. After years of wandering around, he finally settled down in a small village in Italy.

After a few years of trying to figure out how to come up with a signature sound for his music, this year, he decided to drop a bomb entitled Wired. This specifically caught my attention as I was on the hunt for new music because this fresh single introduces this song with a nice, upbeat and catchy beat and then followed with deep vocals that give you several emotions such as hurried, sketchy and dance-y.

It’s just so timely how my taste in music or current choice of genre falls similar to this – dark, jumpy and catchy. When Monrad released Wired, it was an instant heart and add to playlist moment! Monrad is definitely one of those artists we should keep under the radar because what this guy has shown us so far seems pretty promising and I can only imagine what’s to come and it surely is exciting me more than ever! Considering that it’s the second time Monrad has been featured on this blog, I can only guarantee that great beats are yet to come.

In Monrad’s own words “Some days we are just consumed by our daily lives. We try to hang in there. Even when it starts crumbling down, a simple beat, a melody can grab you and take you away from that daily rut. This contradiction is mimicked in the music of this song. The funky, seductive bass and the female voices in the chorus are in stark contrast with the heavy drums of the verse and the uncomfortable, almost violent voice. A restless song, full of contradiction, carried by propelling drums and a seductive bass”.

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