NEW SINGLE – Thursday 22nd April 2021

Can you make sense of all this mess? – this is South-London band Familiar Action’s second single.

“The feeling of dread is taking over”. Do you ever get that feeling? I most certainly do – but it comes and goes… and then returns… and disappears… and returns again. Some days everything feels very manageable – but on other days, I feel totally overwhelmed. Why is that?

Maybe Familiar Action can help me with this conundrum, with this – their second release?

This is their follow-up single to the previously released Nausea and their self-titled debut album is also imminent – it drops in just 2 weeks time. They are already building a reputation as a formidable live-act and this new single will help to propel them along that path.

You should take time to think what we are here for“. ‘Such A Waste’ attempts to tackle the premise of having far too much information available to us and the struggle which we all feel in understanding the world at present. A pretty hefty topic to tackle in a 4 minute punk-pop song – although admirable ambition, I suggest!

Sounding not too unlike Future Of The Left and Wire, with Gary Numan spitting out the words – it’s hard to know whether it’s genius or pure confusion that reigns here. Even though the chords are repetitive and simple, this is actually a very complex song that has plenty of twists, turns and deviations. At multiple times during the song, you will think it’s going to end – but it’s back again just in time to keep your interest and then it takes you down a totally different chute or fires you out of a cannon. There’s a definite build in the song and it culminates in an explosive and energetic conclusion.

Just for a second or two, you might also pick up on some Franz Ferdinand pop-sensibilities or some Yardbirds organ amidst the chaos of this song. It’s a song chock-a-block with great lines but I think “Paint me upside down so the colors run into my eyes “is my absolute favorite. The drum sections are very cool and will have you hooked and the staccato sounds of this song make it unforgettable.

Understand that it doesn’t mean anything“. Even after repeated listening, Familiar Action did not solve my conundrum with ‘Such A Waste’. In fact, I might be even more confused now!

This is more than we should know. I don’t know. Who cares?” Just for a while there, the burning questions didn’t matter, the difficult conundrum didn’t need to be solved and the intermittent feelings of being overwhelmed completely disappeared as I found an escape through music and from the fun and enjoyment that Familiar Action gave me.

Be sure to check out ‘Familiar Action’s self-titled debut album in a few weeks time and try to catch them live in the future. “Text the feeling if you need the feeling”. Alternatively, or better still – don’t forget to support this project and to follow us on  InstagramFacebookYouTube, and SpotifyIf you enjoy Familiar Action’s music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download their music on Bandcamp

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