Call In Dead – “Summer Camp”

Summer camps are always fun, right? With all the happy songs, new friends, green areas and recreational activities. Ah, the good ol’ days, where all you had to worry about was not losing your canteen. But, what if suddenly that lovely camp turned into a nightmare of a bloodbath?… Well, Orlando’s legendary punk rockers Call In Dead present to us their single “Summer Camp”; a wild, heavy, greasy, and gritty ode to the old Camp Candy cartoon…

There’s lots to say about these punk/hardcore veterans. Most of them have played in rock, punk, metal and psychobilly shows for a (very) long time. Mr. P, their legendary drummer, has been around playing shows since 1992 – 2008, touring in the U.S, Canada and Europe.

He only took a break from touring after his daughters were born in 2008, but it didn’t took long for him to feel the itch of playing live again, and so, he took the quest to form a new band talking to a lot of strangers in liquor-filled pubs until Call In Dead came to be.

Fast forward to today, the band, having played in shows throughout FL but being stopped by the pandemic shutdowns, ended up creating their very own record label, DCxPC Live. What started as a live show promoter and booking agency, DCxPC Live evolved into a live-streaming platform for punk, ska, hardcore and metal bands, and a label to release live albums only, intending to capture the raw energy of live shows and all their perfect imperfections.

“Summer Camp” joins the hardcore with the skacore to create a violent, energetic, intense, brutal, gritty, rough, piercingly beautiful tune, reminiscent of the ones you sang in your summer camp days (or maybe just mine). Everything you need for a good ol’ fashioned hardcore show.

This is the first single from what will be DCxPC Live‘s first release (DC for Washington DC and PC for Port Charlotte) which will include a 7″ vinyl featuring Call in Dead’s songs played live. The vinyl will also include punk younglings 2AMateur with a three-song set.

We played it open air with all the instruments and vocals playing out loud for everyone to hear just like we do if we were playing in front of a live audience. As such we jumped around and threw ourselves into it the same way we would do at a show.” – Mr. P

  • Fun fact: Mr. P uses a mask because he works as a middle school teacher in a Catholic school where he signed a morality clause, and he could get fired for being in a band that curses, and wears “obscene” clothes. That’s also why I go by Mr. P, so students can’t Google me and find my name.” – Mr. P

DCxPC‘s second release will be coming out in June, and will feature Orlando’s TV Generation, a “dirty punk rock band that would fit on any 80’s punk rock soundtrack”, and The Sinema, an “aggressive and dynamic metal band” that just won The Orlando Weekly Best Metal band in 2020.

The band isn’t all violence and obscenity, as they helped raise money for mental health and their album was recorded as a “Loustream” benefit for Uncle Lou’s, a
legendary DIY venue in Orlando suffering under the pandemic. The sales of the album will also be donated to Uncle Lou’s.

We are amazed by all the work this amazing musicians have put into their own, as well as others, music and can’t wait for you to get your hands on your own Call In Dead/2AMature 7″ vinyl copy. So spin that shit and feel the power of their craziness!

Don’t forget to support this project and to follow Call In Dead on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify. You can also check out their official website. If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download it on Bandcamp. or for virtual concerts you can go to songkick “Live from their sofa to yours”.

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