Jesse Grossi – “Bad Guy”

Coming back again after his feel-good summer hit “Last Call”, our favorite Los Angeles ska/reggae singer-songwriter Jesse Grossi strikes again with yet another feel-good, reggae vibed single titled “Bad Guy“, a song about the trials and tribulations Jesse has gone through with some women. A must listen!

In case you missed our previous article about Jesse’s single, you can find it here: “Last Call

Yet again Jesse returns with his well-known chilled ska/reggae musical dexterity. This time, Jesse depicts in a quite funny lyric video the process he goes through whenever there’s conflict in his relationships. Starting with the verse “Last night truly got real wild“, Jesse wakes up with a feeling that something went very wrong.

“Bad Guy” features Jesse’s very characteristic singing, with a mix of melodies, harmonies and a hint of rapped lyrics. Always in flow, Jesse is accompanied by reggae guitars, driving bass and grooving drums, while the occasional high gain guitars act as background arrangements, and even a solo!

Wether it is about sex, alcohol, or women, Jesse finds a unique way of expression in his songs, with a very optimistic vibe and a relaxed feel to everything he goes through, even if it means turning into a bad guy!

As the song develops you will be witness as “good Jesse” goes into battle with “bad Jesse”, guess who wins? Find out now!

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