“What If” by Ruby Jean Rose

Since bursting onto the scene with her 2016 Live album “Live in Lewes” Ruby Jean Rose has charmed audiences the world over with her intoxicating brand of indie-folk. Brighton born and LA raised, her musical journey has taken her all over the world. After a spell of travelling and performing, helped along by the sounds of Nick Drake for company, the time seemed ripe to pull together this little gem…

What If” is a reminder for what really matters. With its folky arrangements of violin (Nick Kennerly) and banjo (David Stewart Ingleton) to accompany Ruby’s passionate singing and guitar, it feels as if it jumps from your headphones, down into your ears, and straight into your soul. It is a sonic treat for the coming of spring, which yearns to fill our hearts with hope in such turbulent times.

Her musical influences (imagine Pasty Cline in bed with Leonard Cohen with Martha Wainwright jumping in without 3 being a crowd) can be heard here. Ruby effortlessly sings with emotional fragility while simultaneously exuding defiance that is way beyond her years.

“I wrote “What If” after coming home from being on the road and I was starting to feel isolated from all the travelling, felt like something was missing from my life. The lyrics came out in one sitting. A year later I now find this song to be a message to someone special. I found it really profound how it makes so much more sense to my situation now, felt this was the right time to release it…”

Trust me folks when I tell you that this little gem is up there with any delicate introspective messaging to match the likes of Glen Hansard, Gillian Welch or Father John Misty, so…

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