NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 28th May 2021

Jump on the carousel – it’s time to get surreal!

A trippy ditty! – with Flowers’ Rachel Kenedy on bass and Oi Va Voi’s Michael Winawer on guitar.

Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ is thrown into a cement mixer to provide the intro. for the hallucinatory ‘The Roam’. What happens next really is anyone’s guess as we are taken on a carousel ride for 3 minutes that leaves us totally disorientated – but like the best of fairground rides (or the best of trips!) – no sooner has it ended, we want to get back on it straight away again!

Imagine an extra track on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, if The Beatles had access to better drugs and then you are halfway to having an idea of what this song sounds like! Is this a dance song for the free souls or is it future shoegaze for the aficionados? I’m not sure it’s either – but it could also be both.

Truly, this song is probably unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The musicians have freedom to roam like butterflies and the song has the vibrancy of a marshmallow trampoline. I maintain that it’s like being on a carousel – but an airborne one and one that reveals more colors to your eyes than the Fly Geyser in Nevada ever could.

Open your mind. Mull over it. Play and repeat. It might be one of the highest musical places you’ve ever been to. ‘The Roam’ will not disappoint.

Song number 2/12 from the album ‘Perfect Picture’ is called ‘The Roam

Jem Doulton plays drums with Thurston Moore and Róisín Murphy. He appeared on Thurston’s singles Cease Fire and MX Liberty, and the albums Spirit Counsel and By The Fire. He has toured live with Róisín’s band for 7 years and he is also involved in a lot of psych-rock, free improvised stuff in London too.

He has made a new album featuring a lot of very distinctive and powerful musicians that he has crossed paths with. It’s called ‘Perfect Picture’ and it will be released song by song over the course of a year as a sort of serialization and journey that slowly reveals itself: who’s playing what where, imagery, social media kookiness!

Each place offers a story told or emotional spaces occupied, one the listener can sit with and mull over until the next chapter. Thurston Moore plays on “My Brain’s In My Skin”; Flowers’ Rachel Kenedy sings and writes on “Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes)”; Deb Googe from My Bloody Valentine plays on “The Spitting Dummy Parade”; members of Maps, Nøught, Róisín Murphy band and Mad Mad Mad show up; and Dem Castellanos from The Oscillation co-produced and mixed it. Jem asked musicians to contribute to the tracks he thought suited them best, and basically let them do the things they do. That means there are bouncy instrumentals, and there are big shoegazey songs, there are synth pulses and there are solos.

10 chapters to go ………. intriguing, exciting and something to really look forward to!

Camaraderie, a sense of fun and political absurdity!

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