Roi Bars- “Run From The Police”

“Run From The Police” is the new single launched by singer-songwriter Roi Bars. By mixing styles and genres ranging from electronic pop, punk, bedroom, dubstep and death metal Roi Bars offers a song that protests police harrasement and corruption in Mexico that is brimmed with energy and personality.

While he was born in San Diego, California, Roi Bars grew up in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico. His interest in music started since he was young. His first album, produced by a friend of his, was written when he was 17 years old. Roi Bars moved back to San Diego to persue his music career, while at the same time starting to produce his own tracks.

“Run From The Police” is inspired by first and second hand experiences with police in Mexico: corruption, harrasment, bribing, unlawful arrest, fake charges, kidnapping, conspiracy, false evidence, among others. It is inspired particularly by two incidents: that in which police threatened to tow Roi Bar’s car for no reason in exchange of money and another in which the artist’s best friend and his brother were wrongfully arrested, detained and beaten by the authorities. Roi Bars expresses through the lyrics his fear, distrust and anxiety that these experiences has caused not only in him as an individual, but society at large. It is better to run.

One can compare the track as a chase from the police that, once started, never stops until the very end. It starts with a distant trumpet solo that serves as a prelude to the chase. As we see a police car in the corner of our eye, the music ramps up as it adopts a punk rock style. In the chorus we hear the distant sirens that get closer and closer as we hit the pedal to the metal. The last verses of the song become a mix of dubstep and death metal as the authorities are right in our tail.

Roi Bars greatest achievement with “Run From The Police” is how he has proven he has the talent to fluctuate from distinct genres. The track is unexpected surprise, as if we were racing through different parts of the city. What will he offer to us next?

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