NEW SINGLE – Friday 4th June 2021

The collaboration of the summer?
An anthem for unprecedented times?

Lewca is back! – this is his first collaboration with ‘Mintball’ – aka Sean Buckley – and it’s great!

An upbeat song about substance abuse & denial

Found absolutely everywhere and readily available to you whenever you want them… energy drinks, espresso shots, vitamin supplements, kombuchas, probiotics… the list is endless…

Or… you could just listen to Lewca and Sean Buckley’s new single and get a more natural high!

Need a tune to listen to before you hit the town with your friends?
Damn… hold on a minute… the world has changed… we don’t do that so much right now.

How about a song to start your day? Some musical reassurance that you’re really alright before trotting off to work for another totally forgettable and futile day?

In these strange, strange times of lockdown and isolation, perhaps a track to perk you up before you spend yet another day alone at home?

Maybe a release is needed, some help with that anxiety… before another monotonous gathering of family or associates takes place?

Lewca’s influences include Ian Dury, the Clash, Eminem, The Streets, Prodigy, Tom Waits and Iggy Pop

Here’s the energy shot you need – it comes in the form of a 2:40 modern-pop-collaboration.

Over the top of a funky and unique backing track laid down by Mintball, Lewca hits top form and delivers an unforgettable rallying call. This song is driven by an Arctic-Police-esque bass-line and Lewca’s vocal veers from lazy and slurred, to punchy, to Jaggerish.

I’ve been following Lewca for a few months now and he is really stamping down his musical identity – ever-present in his songs are a real vigor and zest and a unique and entertaining brand of humor. It’s an exceptional and intoxicating cocktail – much better than a can of Red Bull or Monster, better than any visit to Starbucks… and maybe even better than the most expensive rum!

Mixing multicultural sounds of home with Alt/Rock and Hip-hop – and his own unique wit

I have to say that this is an incredible collaboration, with or without the knowledge of the 2 incredible things I am about to tell you. Lewca and Mintball have never met in real life (a sign of the times) – Lewca lives near Paris and Mintball is in Shropshire – and… wait for it! – Mintball wrote this piece on an iPad mini, using the GarageBand app!

You must watch the video for this song too! – it’s fantastic viewing and it’s hilarious – let’s get this one viral folks – it really, really does deserve to be huge!

This promo video is a must-see!

Mintball’s original premise for this song was the idea of musicians in a band, hanging around waiting for the singer to turn up and just jamming away. The instrumental was recorded by Sean in the UK, the vocals were recorded by Ben Samama in Paris and it was mixed by SO.A.P. and mastered by Blanka. Lewca premiered the song, I’m Alright, when he did a show called, ‘From Paris With Love’, on In Your Ears Radio. Both artists are now hard-at-work promoting ‘I’m Alright’.

Now it’s over to you to do your bit!

The pandemic has made people reassess things and I think ‘I’m Alright’ is a song for these times

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