Red Maker – “Better in time”

A promise made, a life to live, and bills to pay; all in hope that things will get “Better In Time“. Enjoy life’s ride with Red Maker’s brand new single. An indie song full of hope, meant as a promise made by a husband to his wife.

After his wife was talking of all of the things she wanted to do in life, ending with a “but we’re broke“, Morgan, with a broken heart, wrote the song for her as a promise that no matter what they’d be going thru, it’s all going to be better.

Red Maker was created by Morgan Harris (vocalist, guitarist) and Sam Di Vito (drums, bass). A couple of friends who used to jam in high school and reconnected years later at a Slayer concert. A few moments later, the band was formed and so began the musical creation.

Having been compared to Hockey Dad, Hippo Campus, The Cribs, Built to Spill, Pinegrove, and the French Kicks, the band describes their sound as “Indie on Monster Energy”. Lyrically they talk about the reality of life, the ups and downs, the beautiful and the ugly, putting all out to the open.

“Better In Time” is filled with a relatable feeling amongst young couples, imitating the tidal feelings of high and low, doubts and reassurances, all of which most had when in immature or over-confident relationships.

The description “Indie on Monster Energy” couldn’t be more right, as the soaring guitars fit somewhere between indie pop with garage rock undertones. The vibe feels nostalgic, swimming through changing dynamics between the verse and chorus, emulating life’s ups and downs. Morgan’s vocals reach high, as if wanting to hold on tight to the energies above him, while he cries out the proposal to enjoy today’s gifts and wait for the light and thrive of the future.

“We recorded the drums in an overnight session at Sam’s place of work on a hot summer night. Not common to record in a t-shirt print shop.”

We wish the best for Red Maker, as well as Morgan’s relationship, to which we sent the best of vibes and wishes, may the future be bright.

“Red Maker doesn’t hide what it’s like to live real life, with all of it’s ups and downs, confidence and confusion, struggle and success. We tell those stories with a mixture of beauty and power, served to you with unfaceted expression.” – Red Maker.

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