Chloe Leigh “Momentos Así (Moments Like This)”

Chloe Leigh shares her dual heritage and her experiences as a foreigner finding home in a new place in her bilingual single ‘Momentos Así (Moments Like This)’.

A sincere storyteller and troubadour mainly focused on love and loss and laughter and longing, Chloe Leigh is an outstanding and passionate redhead from Andalucia, Spain who currently resides in Brighton, England — the exact focus, we’ll find out later on, of the track being discussed today. 

The Spanglish singer has been in love with music since a very young age, meeting her beloved folk music when she was just a kid. From writing songs as part of her assignments as part of her responsibilities in The BRIT School to currently residing in the picturesque sea-side town of Brighton, where she’s been developing her sound for the past six years.

Momentos Así (Moments Like This) is the first in a series inspired by Chloe’s Spanish roots. With the goal of connecting more and including such an important aspect of her life onto her music, which is also of great importance to Leigh, this tale about finding beauty in unexpected places and falling in love with it once again does not leave out a single drop of Chloe’s talent or her feelings for her hometown and current city. 

The track is produced by Alex Isla, and the guitar was done by Jason Elvin, with all parts being recorded remotely on their own during lockdown.

At its core, Momentos Así (Moments Like This) is a song about missing your first home but undeniably loving where you currently are at. Whether that’s because you can see bits and pieces of your old life in your new location of because you’ve gained a completely new type of insight and developed a different lifestyle, the song represents that one moment when you start seeing things in a different light, realizing there was some beauty you had been missing on prior to this change. 

Chloe Leigh gives a detailed description of the moment that lead up to the creation of this track, crediting the environment around her and the late night city backdrop for this change of perspective. Her words show the relief of finding home again, and the joy of no longer feeling as alone in a new environment even when you’re still on your own.

“I started writing the song on a walk home from a late bar shift at my first bar job in Brighton — which felt like the longest shift in the world. It was the early hour of the morning, and the streets were still full of people drinking and enjoying themselves. I’d not long moved to Brighton, and in all honesty I’d been in a bit of a weird headspace. There had been so many big changes in my life, and it had left me feeling rather lost and worried about my recent life decisions. But when I was walking along that long and busy road, something clicked into place. Even though I was exhausted, and on a normal night I would have been rushing to get home as quickly as possible, that night something encouraged me to take my time, and take in my surroundings as I walked. It felt like such a grounding moment. As I looked around the nightlife buzz began to remind me of the late night atmosphere of my mum’s hometown in the South of Spain, and it was such a comfort to find something familiar so far from home. This is what inspired me to try and bring the two elements of my life and upbringing into one song with the bilingual track’s lyrics. I wanted to represent Brighton meeting Andalusia and folk meeting flamenco styles. Looking back on it now, it was probably one of the first clues to suggest that I might stay in Brighton for a long time.”

Inspired by a moment that took place nearly seven years ago, the song that deeply influenced Chloe’s way of thinking required a long amount of time of tweaking and resting before it finally got the chance to see the light. Finding the right way to record this song was not an easy process, as Chloe wanted to bring traditional elements from Spanish music and the widely known flamenco style, blending them with her folk sound to create something that felt unique and true to her and her upbringing. The opportunity to think more in depth about the direction of this song came during lockdown, where she was able to write more songs representing her dual heritage. 

Perhaps influenced by the distance between her and her home and family, which felt greater than ever during the part year and some months, Chloe Leigh is currently working on the beginnings of her next EP, which will showcase more of her bilingual singing and her two biggest influences. The EP will even include a lullaby her mother sang to her as a kid, and her childhood represented in that track with songs such as Momentos Así (Moments Like This) belonging to a later moment in life, it seems like Leigh’s next work is something you must keep an ear out for.

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