The ability these guys have to deliver good vibes and catchy composition is what music needs right now. JAXL is presenting their new doble single titled “Rise“, inclued a feel good song, made to celebrate life and to dance away all problems, stress and negative thought.

The double single includes “Run Away“, another feel good song that follows the catchy elements and wide space format of its predecessor.

JAXL is a project from Paris, France, a collective of musicians born from the needs of freedom, pulse, and melody. An uncompromising celebration of self.

Rise“, created as a medicine for all the pain and grief we’ve all experienced since the pandemic started, is an invitation to dance and live, feel joy, love and happiness. The 3 minute song is filled with uplifting elements, a funky bass line and massive, smashing drums, perfectly able to move and push our bodies into one synced dance.

We all had difficult times these days. We wanted to write a song that could offer emotions such as joy, fun, happiness and make people wanna dance and jump everywhere when everything would come back to normal.” – JAXL

With the future in mind, the band came up with a strong chorus and a children chant, as an assurance of the good times coming forward. With a very strong “Justice” vibe, this song sounds familiar but with a unique and personal twist that gives these guys a very rich and defining sound.

“The laugh at the end of the song is completely spontaneous and shows exactly what we wanna do with this sing : bring fun !” – JAXL

The double single also includes “Run Away“, a song that finishes to complement JAXL’s good intended mission. With flawless composition, both songs truly deliver both a sense of freedom and nostalgia.

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