”Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out” is a song that was written in the hopes it would someday become irrelevant. An amazing delivery of attitude, rock and protest from Massachusetts Theatre-Emo band Bullpup stands against the violence and bullying against the LGBTQ+ community. “Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out” will know you off right where you stand.

Time to wake your neighbors.

Experiences with homophobia, transphobia, and sexual assault in the music scene pushed this young musicians to channel a grim reality into a song. Blistering vocals, molting bass, scorching guitars and crushing drums break the silence against those oppressed, judged and persecuted. Bone-crushing, brave and sarcastic, Bullpup seek to balance maniac and precision.

Long time friends Brian Bisson, Trevor Sullivan, and Tim Collins joined up with Jon Garniss in the hopes to make a musical theatre inspired emo band that could change the world. Blood and glittered shows are part of their essence. Heavily influenced by bands such as My Chemical Romance, the band focuses on a narrative voice similar to Spring Awakening.

“Bullpup aims to meld musical theater and emo tropes, writing songs that match glamour, filth, and aggression filled instrumentals to lyrics laced with clever wordplay and blunt, realistic introspection in an attempt to make their world a better place.

The title of the track is named after the main character in the movie “Heathers” who takes matters into her own hands and purges her high school of bullies. Here’s what the band’s got to say:

Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out was written in response to everyday atrocities we experienced within the music scene. Because we aren’t an entirely straight band people either want to exploit that for a profit or objectify us. Meanwhile, we watched the other bands using their platform to groom and sexually harass their fans. This song is partly us telling our story, partly us calling attention to these behaviors, and partly a warning to anyone who thinks they can get away with it at our shows. At the end of the day we hope anyone who listens to our music is empowered to change their life for the better.” – Bullpup

Produced under the COVID-19 lockdown difficulties, this song met its maker after a long back and forth demo sending through online calls, and quarantining in the studio at Behind The Curtains Media with producer and idol of the band Michael Abiuso to record the track.

“Bullpup is definitely one of the hardest working bands I’ve ever recorded. These kids
were leaving Massachusetts at 4:30am to get to the NY studio by 9am, they did this
about 6 or 7 times, were never a minute late for a session, never complained once, and
always had smiles on their faces the entire ride through the creative process. They are
now some of my dearest and most talented friends that I can really see turning a bunch
of heads with this brutally honest album!”
– Mike Abiuso

Blunt, heavy and raw, this band holds no bars without losing charm, style nor glamour.

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