Jack Tiernan – “Insecure”

Jack Tiernan is a new young face in indie pop production. Ranging from the small town of Bealnamulla, Athlone, Tiernan has released three successful singles: “It’s Ok”, “Broke by Love” and “Meant to Cross”, which reached the #1 position on the iTunes Irish Singer/Songwriter chart in the week of its release. Each of them has been popular in streaming platforms and social media such as Spotify and Tiktok. Jack Tiernan newest release is today’s featured single: “Insecure“.

Throughout his teenage years, Jack Tiernan has felt that he was not honest with himself. He was “one of the lads” that were always interested in sports. It was until he started writing music that he was able to find and express who he truly is. “Insecure” is an experiment in this newfound honesty. It was recorded and mixed in Lakeland Studios by Michael O’Dowd with mastering by Michael Hefferman.

Tiernan’s subject matter of personal self-reflection appears in “Insecure”. The track tackles themes of self-esteem when it comes to finding love. It tells the story of someone who is reminded of a past love when they see their ex-partner in the arms of another. What went wrong? Was it really meant to be?

Jack Tiernan’s greatest achievement is the fusing of its themes with its style and sound. Its base is an emotional guitar that plays throughout the song that create a strong, yet nostalgic sound; the sound that was longing for past love, reminiscing of those of the 2000s. Tiernan’s characteristic vocals transmit raw emotion of heartbreak that is neither anger or resentment. While it may be hard to see an ex-lover with another, he expresses acceptance. In fusion with all the other elements of the single, they mix perfectly to move the listener exactly the way he wants them to.

As we have been learning with other songwriters in the blog, music may be just what we have been searching for when we need to find a way to say how we really feel and think. It serves to be honest with ourselves and open up to others. Jack Tiernan achieves this with “Insecure” and his other singles. He has found a sound he is comfortable with that many others may have taken years to find.

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